Time to Load Your Freezer (and empty ours)

We're down to the last few quarters of beef and we're ready to close up shop until the next time we send our steers to market. We're now selling our beef quarters for $600.  That's about $5/lb. You won't find a better deal anywhere, not even the over processed meat at the grocery store. We will hold this price until all quarters are sold. 

We deliver in Northern Virginia and the surrounding areas. We have organ meats available as well. 

Once our freezers are empty, we will be accepting pre-orders for quarter and half beeves to be slaughtered in November.  These beeves will be custom ordered to your specifications.  Deposits will be due by September 1st.  

We are only opening this sale to our subscribers, so you won't find these prices on the website. You must reply to this email in order to get the sale price!  Feel free to reach out to us with any questions!